As a client/tenant of Community Action you have a right to:

  • Access information about our services and programs and how they can be accessed.
  • Choose not to use any or all of our programs.
  • Request a transfer to another staff member.
  • Receive assistance to meet the needs you have recognised and identified.
  • Be treated with respect and non-judgmental attitudes.
  • Privacy and confidentiality.
  • Receive services without discrimination.
  • Be free from physical, sexual, emotional, religious and verbal abuse.
  • Have an advocate of your choice to speak on your behalf in expressing need for service or grievances.
  • Expect assistance that is reliable and of high quality.
  • Receive a service that recognizes, and is sensitive to your cultural needs.
  • Access information about you held in personal records.
  • Express grievances and seek redress without fear of it affecting decisions relating to the assistance you receive.
  • Participation and consultation.

Along with Rights come Responsibilities! 

As a client/tenant of Community Action you have a responsibility to:

  • Be respectful of others, including other clients and Community Action staff and volunteers.
  • Be respectful of Community Action property.
  • Attend the service in a fit state (not under the influence of alcohol or drugs).
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding information about other clients in groups/programs conducted by Community Action.
  • Provide accurate information about yourself in order to receive the best care.
  • Take responsibility for the outcomes of any decisions you make.
  • Play your part in helping Community Action to provide you with services.

Community Action has a zero tolerance to bullying (including cyberbullying).  Bullying behaviour in any form will not be tolerated.

If you are a tenant in a Community Action managed property, you have a responsibility to:

  • Take care of the property, dwelling and land
  • Not alter, repair or affix anything without Community Action’s permission
  • Not use the premises for illegal activities
  • Notify Community Action promptly when any repairs are needed
  • Advise Community Action of any change to household income
  • Pay rent in advance 

If you feel your rights are not being respected or if you have any other complaint or concern about the service you are receiving you can try any of the following:

  • If you feel comfortable about it, you could discuss the situation with the member of staff concerned – this may lead to a quick resolution of the difficulties.
  • If the above is not appropriate or fails to sort out the problem you can request to speak with the Manager.


Remember…it is your right to make a complaint or to voice any concerns you may

have with services received from Community Action.  Click here for a copy of our Complaints and Appeals Form.