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Privacy Notice

Community Action records information about our clients and tenants, including:

  • name, age, contact details and who to contact in an emergency
  • information for our statistics such as ethnic group and language spoken
  • medical and disability information if we need it for some services and activities
  • information about your life, health, welfare, problems, conduct/actions, goals, thoughts and feelings, but only if it is relevant to the services we are providing to you, and you ask us to help with these issues.

De-identified information (information without your name) is used for reporting purposes and may be given to our funding bodies and used in Annual Reports and other publications.  We will not disclose your name without your permission.

Our Team and your Privacy:

Our team includes:  “ALL SERVICE STAFF”

Usually when you tell something about yourself to one member of our team, or when one of us observes something about you, we tell the other members of the team, so that we can all work together to assist you.

Usually it stays within the team. This means we don’t tell things about you to anyone outside the team without your permission, except:

  • we report abuse of under 18 year olds (this can include underage sex with adults)
  • if you or someone else is in serious danger (eg. suicide, violence, drug overdose, medical emergency etc), we tell people who can help
  • we will tell the police about a serious crime you or someone else did
  • if you commit a crime at the agency or refuse to leave if we ask you to, we will call the police
  • if you are reported to the police as a missing person, we will tell the police that you are OK.

As well, it is possible (but rare) that the police could get a search warrant to read our files, or a judge could make us hand over our files in a court case.

You can see the information we record about you:

We will let you see the information we have about you (on paper and on computer), if you ask. If you think that any of that information is wrong, then:

  • if we agree that it is wrong, we will correct it
  • if we don’t agree that it is wrong, you can write out what you think the truth is, and we will add your version to our version of the information.


Complaints Process:  If you have a complaint regarding a breach to your privacy, please talk about this with a service manager.  Alternatively, you can complete and lodge a Complaints and Appeals Form.  You can also make a complaint to the Government Department who funds our services.