Vision Statement

Our vision is for a socially and culturally inclusive community without poverty, homelessness or violence.

Mission Statement

Community Action Inc works together with the community to provide supports and services in response to the needs of the community.

Values Statement

Respect, Dignity & Kindness: Respect, dignity and kindness are important aspects of our work with clients and our community – it’s the little things that make a big difference.

 Empowerment: We are a person-centred organisation operating within an empowerment process to nurture a supportive environment, skills development, growth and independence.  We empower people to have a voice and input into the decisions that affect them.

Integrity:  Integrity and accountability are keynotes of our provision of services and programs.

Non-judgmental:  We don’t judge the behaviour of others and are open-minded about different people and ideas.

Social Justice: We value the principles of equitable access to services, systemic advocacy, opportunity, self-determination and rights and responsibilities.

 Diversity & Cultural Awareness: We value a community that demonstrates acceptance of a diverse range of cultures and experiences. We deliver culturally appropriate services.

 Commitment to Community: We value our local community.  We strengthen our community through provision of services and investing financially through employment and prioritising local purchase of goods and services.

 Non-violence: We value non-violence and advocate the peaceful resolution of conflict through negotiation and mediation.  Through positive, supportive advocacy principles and practices we aim to bring about a change in social conditions and practices that violate human rights.