Domestic Violence Hotline (24hrs/7 days) – 1800 811 811


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Do you need help to apply for a Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO) or to vary an existing DVPO or to attend court?  Read our DVPO Factsheet for more information

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence is an abuse of power in a relationship where one person uses a range of behaviours to intimidate, dominate and control the other person through fear.

These behaviours include:Erin House

  • Emotional abuse (put downs)
  • Social abuse (isolation)
  • Sexual abuse (unwanted sexual contact)
  • Economic abuse (controlling what you spend)
  • Physical abuse (hitting, spitting, punching, kicking)
  • Verbal abuse (name calling)
  • Harassment
  • Stalking

Everyone deserves to live a life free from fear and abuse!

Signs of Abuse may assist you recognise if you, or someone you know, are in an abusive relationship. Most women in abusive relationships will experience a range of these behaviours from the abuser. Experiencing any one of the signs is very serious and you do not need to experience several, or all of them, for your relationship to be abusive.

Women often ask us what to look for or how they can predict if a man they are interested in is likely to be abusing or controlling. Signs to Look for in an Abusive Personality provides a guide to inappropriate behaviours to be aware of.

When should you seek refuge?

  • When you or your children are suffering from the effects of domestic violence
  • When you fear for the safety of yourself and your children from a violent partner
  • When you need support, understanding and assistance to leave an abusive home

If you are in an abusive relationship, having a Safety Plan worked out in advance can help you get out of the home safely and quickly if necessary. It is helpful to work through the steps, even if things are going smoothly. Bring your Safety Plan with you if you need to leave in a hurry.

Erin House women’s shelter offers secure accommodation for women and their dependents who have experienced domestic and family violence.  Contact the Domestic Violence Hotline for immediate assistance – 1800 811 811 or contact Gympie Women’s Information Service during office hours – 07 5482 7973.

The Gympie Region Domestic and Family Violence Service offers counselling and support for women and children who are experiencing or have experienced domestic and family violence.  Contact the service on 5413 8088 to make an appointment.


Live life free from violence!


Domestic Violence Hotline – 1800 811 811

Emergency (Police, Fire, Ambulance) – 000

Gympie Women’s Information Service – 5482 7973

Gympie Region Domestic & Family Violence Service – 5413 8088

Legal Aid – 1300 651 188

Women’s Legal Service – 1800 677 278

Lifeline – 131 114